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Vadik Jyotish Sansthan provides various kind of vadik astrology treatment and solution, visit our service section and consult with our great vadik astrologers accordingly, avail best online horoscope and online astrology services  by top astrologers.

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Get instant astrology solutions for business, relationships, marriage & more from our top astrologers.


Kundli Dosha & Analysis(कुंडली दोष & विश्लेषण)

Solution for kundali dosh in your life & Kundali Analysis.


Career Prediction (ज्योतिष विश्लेषण)

Know about your career & job. Career Astrology Predicts the right way to know your best profession.


Love Astrology (प्रेम सम्बन्ध)

Know where your love life stand. Love Astrology can predict your love life, probability of you falling in love.


Marriage Astrology (विवाह कुंडली)

Know your marriage life future. While auspicious planets cause early marriage, inauspicious planets cause delays in marriage.


Palm Reading (हस्त रेखा)

Know what says your palm lines. Palm reading (Palmistry) is a popular way to asses ones's characters and predict the future. The Art Of Palm Reading To Predict One's Life.


Future Astrology (भविष्य ज्योतिष)

Know your future star's report. Your horoscope analysis and Predictions, Remedies, Yogas, Doshas, Transits and much more

Do You Know That Astrology Can Help You Get Exactly What You Want In Life?

Astrology can encourage you to accept who you are and embrace what makes you yourself! If you’re ever found wondering why you act a certain way or why your personality is so different from your best friend’s, we are here to answer all these questions. Using The Law of Attraction and  astrology 
together can create powerful manifestations that will literally bring all of your desires right to you.

Future Predictions with Vedic Astrology

The Vedic Astrology predictions can help you to explore the best in life ahead and make your way to success in the professional, personal and financial aspects. You can take help from our expert and find the best ways to get into the life you have always dreamt of.

Breakdown of challenges

The things with astrology and predictions are that they are simple and tend to make your life simpler by simply finding out the challenges that are going to be a part of your life in the near future and you can be ready for it with astrology predictions.

Dreams & Desires

With the help of astrology predictions, one can get to know the opportunities that are waiting for you. In this way, you can take the plunge and carry forward the best possibilities and make your life the way you have wanted

A Reason for Financial Stability

When you know what can be good for your professional and financial life, it is likely that you make good decisions beforehand and have a good flow of income in your life. Our expert helps you to stay with a good financial balance.

The path bringer

When a person takes the help of astrology, they understand how important it is to know the path that we have been following is right or not. Our expert can help you stay and follow the path that is the most favorable.

The Perfect Dates, Days and Months

With the help of our expert one can come to know about the most favorable says time and months of the year too on for the most important events of your life. It will help you with finding the date from a marriage to getting the most favorable dates for your business start-up.

What My Client Say

Customer are the strongest side of our business facts, visit and see below facts shared by clients for our services everyday

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Ravindra Singh Jaipur city

“vaidikjyotish sansthan is really one of the best astrology service sansthan, they had provided me one of the best solution till today, i must share their contact details to my friends and family, thank you”

1644486284 7aa3d2a8124a98cf8ee8
Ramesh patel Bardoli Gujarat

“mujhe nahi pata ki main kaise vaidik jyotish sansthan ke aacharya ji ka dhanyawad karo..jinki wajah se aaj mere bhai ki saari problems solve ho gayi hai, ab wah bahut hi acchi log pa gaya hai aur yah sab aap ki wajah se”

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Rashmi kesari Dewas, Madhya pradesh

“aacharya ji bahut bahut pranam, aapne meri life ki sabse badi problem ko solve kar diya hai, ab mere husband poori tarah se mere sath hai aur bahut khush bhi hai, aap ka dil se bahut bahut dhanyawad”

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Rahul Shrivastava Patna Rural

“Their team is highly supportive, specially in bad time in my life, they provided me right steps to follow and with their pooja process i found things better and better in my life, now i am very happy and satisfied in my life ”

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Sumit Patel Nagar, Delhi

“big thank you to astrologer belongs to vaidik jyotish sansthan, who have successful finishes my poojan to provide me better peace and comfort in my life, since pooja had completed i can feel very light and healthy ”

1644486432 2df30fd2aa1e4dfcad25
Mohan Anand Dum Dum, Kolkata

“i dont understand even today how it works but it worked for me very nicely, i will share this success stories to my friends and i am sure even they will also get the same benefit as i received it from you guruji . thank you ”

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